6 Reasons to Have Your Home Appraised

Residential Real Estate Appraisals

A real estate appraisal is fundamental to buying and selling. It allows the property transaction to occur between the buyer, seller, real estate agent, and the mortgage lender. Here are our top reasons when you should have a home appraised.

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real estate appraisals kamloops
real estate appraisals kamloops

Purchase of a Home

Knowing the current market value of a prospective real estate purchase supports you in making an offer reflecting a fair price. It also guarantees peace of mind.

Family Separation

The division of marital assets usually brings about the sale of the home or a buyout by one side. Obtaining an appraisal smooths the way and gives both parties the confidence that they’ve received a fair market assessment in either situation.

Estate Liquidation

The first step in fairly disposing of an estate is to understand its value. Where real estate is involved, an accredited appraiser determines the market value that is equitable to all involved.


Looking to tap into your home equity? A loan frequently requires a home appraisal of your property.

Home Improvements

Not all renovations are equal. Target the areas of your home that would benefit the most from improvements and create an appropriate budget to complete them all for the minor cost of an appraisal. You will enjoy the result after it’s done and at time of sale.

Selling a Home

An appraiser has no vested interest in what amount your home will sell for in your neighbourhood. Consider obtaining a home appraisal prior to consulting your real estate agent to assist in determining your selling price.